Dog Walks

We believe the 60 minute group walk offers the best experience for your dog as they get the exercise they need along with the enjoyment and mental stimulation that can only be found with other dogs.


We understand that some dogs love to run free when they are out.  Once we have established a bond with your dog, we will be happy to let them off to run when it is safe to do so.  However, this is only with your consent and will be discussed at the initial meeting.  


Your dog will be matched with our other clients' dogs to ensure compatibility so they get the most out of their time with us.  For safety of the dogs, we only walk up to 4 client's dogs at any one time (as opposed to the council imposed limit of 6). This ensures your pet gets the attention he needs whilst maintaining the dogs under control. 

Every dog walk is recorded using the Doggy Logs GPS Tracker which records the route appending information relevent to the walk and photos as appropriate. By using the Doggy Logs GPS Tracker you the owner can see where your dog is on their walk, the route taken, the speed that they travel, time spent walking and start and finish time. This allows you to relax knowing that your dog is safe and happy being exercised. You will receive this information in an emailed report on completion of the walk.

Pop-In Service

Pop in services are from 20 minutes in duration.


This can include let-out, feeding and play as required; your dog's specific needs will be discussed at the initial meeting.   

Home Boarding

We are licensed for dog boarding by Leicestershire County Council and offer boarding throughout the year in our home. 

We understand that being away from their normal environment can be stressful to some pets.  Therefore, we request that you provide your Dog's bedding and food to maintain a sense of comfort and continuity whilst staying with us.  

We also request you provide vaccination evidence before we can board your pet.  

How It Works

Following initial enquiry, we will organise a 'meet and greet' to get to know you and your dog(s).  We will discuss your particular requirements and how we can help.

Should you wish to continue, I will  also provide you with our welcome pack, which includes the following:

  • Service Agreement

  • Key Release Form

  • House Information Sheet

  • Off Lead Disclaimer (Optional)

I will require a house key if you are not going to be available when I collect your dog. These are kept locked in a small safe box when not in use and for your security, we never label keys with the address.

You will receive a report following each walk. This is generated using the Doggy Logs app.  The report will include start times, finish times, distance walked, a map showing the route of the walk as well as information on bowel movements, etc.  Please see for more information.

Our van is specifically modified for transporting dogs.  We are fully insured for transporting and key holding.  All our staff are DBS checked.


MONDAY-FRIDAY       9am - 5pm

​SATURDAY-SUNDAY   10am - 3pm

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